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American Express Serve Prepaid Card

American Express Serve® Mobile AppThere was a time when our incomes were less and so were our needs and spends. No monies were wasted on credit cards, mobile phones, Internet, expensive sedans, huge pets or huger bungalows. Just eat, sleep, work and live simple. But, can we conjure up our present lives without all these wastages? No, because they have metamorphosed from being mere excesses to being our needs. We cannot breathe without the virtual world anymore. With increasing incomes and their sources, we need a helping hand to manage our cash and make it handy for us. There is no better friend than an American Express Serve Prepaid Card as it is a reliable companion for a lifetime.


What is an American Express Serve Prepaid Card? It is your full service reloadable prepaid account with no credit check, no minimum balance and no hidden fees. It acts as a flexible alternative to banking. Anything you want to do with your money is done with American Express Serve Prepaid Card- pay bills, shop, transfer money, deposit or withdraw cash and all the small but time consuming tasks can be performed in a jiffy with this prepaid card. You save time and enjoy the benefits of paying through a Serve Prepaid card. It is convenient and gives you the value and service that you expect from the American Express standard. Read on to know how it works.


There are various ways by which you can acquire an American Express Serve Prepaid card. It is easy to get, set up and use. Primarily, you can get the card online by registering for an account at American Express. No fees will be charged and after completing the procedure, the card will be sent to you in the mail. This way, it becomes convenient as you get the card by just sitting on that couch. Retailers are also available who sell temporary Serve Prepaid cards like CVS or Office Depot. You just have to pay a nominal fee for buying the card and register it online for a personalized card. You can also upgrade the card online to get a card with your name on it and access all of the services of American Express Serve Prepaid Card.
Once you catch hold of the card, all you have to do is fill in some money in it and the card is good to go anywhere and anytime you want. Instead of your paycheck or government benefits going to your bank account, you can have these funds deposit directly to your American Express Serve Prepaid Card and access them on the payday. You can also go to MoneyPak or Vanilla Reload for deposit cash in your Serve card but this might attract some third party purchase fees. You can also transfer money from your bank account to serve card by just a click of net banking. Now, your Serve card is ready to do the money tasks for you.


This card can be used in any store or online practically at all the places where American express cards are accepted. You do not have carry loads of cash just because you are off on a holiday far away from home. Anywhere in the world, you have an easy access to your money through any ATM by American Express Serve Prepaid Card. Another benefit of having this Serve card is that you can transfer money to family and friends with Serve accounts, by computer or mobile phone, even if they don’t have the same bank account. Off on a business trip and you suddenly remember that you didn’t pay your bills? With a Serve card to remove all the wrinkles and worry lines from your forehead, you can also pay all your bills (phone, cable, etc.) hastily and effortlessly. What else do you do with your money? What else do you want to do with an all-in-one prepaid card?
American Express Serve Prepaid Card is synonymous to convenience. There is erratic running about either for opening a Serve account, for registering for a Serve card or depositing money in it. There is no credit check or minimum balance requirement to set up a Serve account — just a simple registration form. From simply buying groceries to paying after a long day of shopping, use the Serve card without a doubt. What is better than managing your Serve account with a mobile app? Just download. Since you can’t overdraft your Serve account, there won’t be any worries about overdraft fees or deadlines of payments. If at all your card is lost or stolen, you have an access to Purchase Protection where you can help protect eligible purchases against accidental damage or theft for up to 90 days from the date of purchase when you use your account online and in stores. To serve you with any information, a 24/7-customer service is available. Now, this is what you call bonding with the best.

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