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Free Masked Credit Cards for Target & Neiman Marcus Shoppers

If you shop and Target & Neiman Marcus, you are entitled to a free trial of a service that provides you with a one use throw away credit card number.  Abine’s innovative and easy-to-use online privacy solutions enables people to both benefit from the web and retain control over their personal information.

Masked_Cards_on_iOSDue to the overwhelming number of inquiries from Target and Neiman Marcus data breach victims, online privacy company Abine is providing Masked Credit Cards for free to exposed shoppers for their next online or offline purchases. Masked Credit Cards enable consumers to shop without ever revealing their actual credit card number. The result? 100% protection from data breaches.   

If you have shopped at Target or Neiman Marcus recently you can redeem the offer here:

What are Masked Credit Cards and how can they protect you against data breaches?

Abine’s Masked Credit Cards protect your existing credit cards by providing an alternative to giving out your real credit card for purchases. Masked Credit Cards have completely unique 16-digit card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes, so the places you shop never get your real credit card info. These cards are one-time use only, can be created with any existing debit or credit card, and expire right after you use them.

“The cards are literally worthless as soon as you complete your transaction,” co-founder and CEO Rob Shavell says. “If the wrong people get their hands on your recently used Masked Credit Card, they can’t do anything with it. Hackers can’t steal what merchants don’t have. That’s the whole point.”

Target is offering victims identity theft protection. Are Masked Cards different?

Yes. Identity theft protection alerts you when someone tries to steal your identity, but it doesn’t protect you from a data breach before it happens. That’s where Masked Credit Cards come in; they work well in combination with reactive identity theft protection services like Lifelock, Experian, Equifax, and IdentityGuard.

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