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Can a merchant ask for ID with your credit card?


Can a merchant ask for ID when you pay with your credit card?

This is one of those questions that come in from our visitors wondering if there are rules and what is or isn’t allowed.The answer quite simply is Yes, in fact it’s very prudent on the merchant’s part if your credit card or debit card is unsigned on the back or if your signature does not match the cardholder’s name embossed on the front of the card. Really if the merchant in any way feels the need to verify your identity its a good thing on the merchants part. Credit card and debit card fraud is a clear and present danger for all merchants. Merchants eat the Lion’s share of fraudulent transactions, despite research to the contrary. However, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express formally do not require ID for a payment card transaction. Consider the extra security from a merchant to be a blessing to protect you from fraud. Best advice is use a debit card with a PIN. RAM Research projects U.S. payment card losses will top a record $13 billion this year. For more information and tips check back with

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