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Damage Done?

Confused which card to use?Holiday closes and your credit card damage report (a.k.a. credit card statement) will shortly be calculated. How can you lessen the pain? First, closely review your credit card charges over the past three months to be sure there were no fraudulent charge. Target got hit big time, with more than 40 million payment card users compromised, so if you shopped there carefully examine all charges. Second, what is the maximum you can pay in January and February? The difference is startling as you can reduce interest charges by 60% or more by clearing the balance promptly. Third, if you screwed up on a purchase get it back to the store ASAP as the window for holiday returns has been shrinking. Fourth, be realistic going forward, by keeping your credit card balance under 40% of your credit limit, which your FICO score will love. Lastly, make a pledge on New Year’s to get a check-up from the wallet up and consider how you in 2014 you can keep more greenbacks in your wallet.

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