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Line Jumpers

line-jumpers-no-waitingThere is yet another app to get rid of waiting needlessly.

The NoWait app enables users to scan casual dining restaurants close by, see wait times, and let the user join the wait list from their smartphone, and then receive a text message when their table is ready – Very Cool!

After a fourth month pilot in Pittsburgh, NoWait, Inc. says its app is ready for prime time. NoWait is going nationwide now, after starting with five restaurants and growing ten fold during the pilot phase. Current clients include TGI Friday’s, Texas Roadhouse and some Chili’s’ and Buffalo Wild Wings. NoWait says it has seated more than 30 million to-date.

The app is also a seating tool for restaurants using an iPad app that provides a custom floor map as well as analytics and other hospitality management tools. Restaurant subscriptions run from free to to $199 per month. For less than 200 waitlist parties the app is free. For up to 500 waitlist parties it is $59 per month per location. For up to 1,200 waitlist parties it is $119 per month per location and for up to 2,500 waitlist parties it is $199 per month per location. It is, of course, free for users.

For more information text NoWait: 83992 or visit The app is available through the App Store and the Google app is on Goggle Play. NoWait is only available for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).

Perhaps the next version of NoWait will have the capability to pre-order, with a small prepaid deposit, so your drink is waiting and your food is in the oven. And better yet perhaps integrating the whole process with Google Glass so all you touch is your food!
So: Stop Waiting, Get in Line from Your Phone!!

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