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You walk up to the check out register wearing your Google Glasses, you hand over the stuff to be scanned, the clerk hits the magic button on the payment terminal to generate a QR code for the transaction, you launch your payment app, tap the side of your glasses, look at the QR code to scan it, the purchase is then charged to your payment card and a receipt appears on your eyepiece. Pretty Cool! Intuit is working real hard to make it possible to facilitate Google Glass payments linked to any credit or debit card. Currently the only Google Glass payment option is GlassPay using Bitcoins. Intuit plans to launch a GoPayment app for Google Glass later this year.. The Company is also working on a Google Glass app for managing personal finances, called Mint. Google released its Glass Development Kit in November but the APIs have not been finalized. MasterCard is working to integrate its digital wallet, MasterPass, with Google Glass. The MasterCard app would enable the Google Glass wearer to go to a restaurant’s website look at the takeout menu, place an order and pay for it hands-free. RedBottle Design’s GlassPay, released last fall, enables users to create a virtual shopping cart while in the store by scanning the UPCs, then closing out the cart and paying with Bitcoins, and leaving the store. All of this is totally cool but there are still many hurdles to jump and bugs to tweak to get us to the point of hands-free payments and clerk-free checkouts. Maybe a wallet-free world too!!!

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