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Angry-person-on-the-phoneThe peak of the tax season is upon us and if you have any plans to call the IRS for help FUHGEDDABOUTIT!!!

The IRS Taxpayer Advocate, the ombudsman of the IRS, says nearly 40% of taxpayers calling the IRS last year were so exasperated they hung up after waiting too long, in some cases an hour or more.

And it’s gonna get worse this year as more funding cuts take effect. The IRS has been forced to layoff more than 9,000 workers since 2010.

Taxpayers are left with few options other than hiring a private tax service, buying special software, nabbing a financial-type friend or trying to do it themselves.

If the IRS later comes after you for a mistake you made this year, you might want to keep a record of your unanswered call for help. Also, if you did not understand a deduction, save the IRS documentation you relied upon, as many times you need CPA-level training to fully understand it.

Among other current taxing issues is how to deal with an open tax issue you have with the IRS or the IRS has with you.

If you are unsuccessful getting an IRS person on the phone, then conventional wisdom points to writing a letter. Writing a letter will document your action, especially if you mail via certified mail, but be prepared for a very long wait. These days the typical IRS response is a standard 45-day letter advising you they are researching the issue. Do not be surprised if this goes on for more than a year.

They only way to get action is to take action by using the proper IRS form.

For example, there are tons of firms in the U.S. promising they will end your tax problems, even promising to significantly reduce or have your back taxes totally forgiven. Even though you pay a fee, you will end doing most of the work by filing out specific IRS forms. For more information on the relatively new IRS Fresh Start Initiative

To get penalties and interest waived consider fling IRS Form 843 to plead your case.

If all else fails to get action consider filing IRS Form 911 and get the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Assistance Service on your side.

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