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Fiscal Magnet

Fiscal Magnet It’s not the hair, weight, teeth or other physical stuff that attracts a future wife – it’s your fiscal stuff.

Nine out of ten women say “financial responsibility” and “paying bills on time” are more important than “physical attractiveness” and “career ambition,” when considering a mate.

Our good friends at Experian also found in a recent survey that half of married couples in the U.S. say that credit scores were important to them when choosing a mate.

Additionally, the study showed that 95% of participants rate “financial responsibility” as important, with “physical attractiveness” and “career ambition” following at 86% and 77%, respectively.

Even more surprising, married adults ranked financial compatibility high, even slightly higher than sex and intimacy. In fact, 73% of women and 60% of men stated that having a partner who is willing to communicate openly about personal finances and credit makes him/her more attractive.

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