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Surgically Attached – My Most Important Things

Surgically Attached to Cell phoneNine out of ten Americans say their mobile phone is as important as their car and deodorant; and significantly more important than television (76%) and coffee (60%). The phone is so important that nearly half of all U.S. consumers admit they wouldn’t last a day without their smartphone. When asked what they would give up to regain access to their mobile phone, nearly four in five of respondents would be willing to give up alcohol or chocolate.

The survey from Bank of America (BofA) also found that the youngest millennials ages 18-24 are most likely to view their mobile phones as very important (96%) — more so than deodorant (90%) and even their toothbrush (93%).

Other findings: When asked about other people’s mobile habits, checking a phone while driving ranked as the most annoying offense (38%); sharing too much personal information, either by talking too loudly in public (15%) or posting too many details on social media (15%) tied for second-most annoying mobile phone habits; and only 7% of respondents find checking a mobile phone during meal times to be most annoying.

When it comes to using a phone for banking services the BofA survey discovered of those who use their phones for banking, almost one-third say they log on at least once a day, and four out of five access their accounts at least once a week or more. When accessing a mobile banking app, the most common activities included monitoring account balances and statements, transferring funds and paying bills, as well as depositing checks via mobile check deposit.

Increasingly, consumers are using their mobile banking apps to perform more sophisticated transactions, such as mobile check deposit. According to the report, nearly six in 10 of those surveyed have used mobile check deposit, and nearly four in 10 use it frequently. Consumers who say they do not use mobile check deposit cite lack of awareness as the chief reason or they do not have any checks to deposit.

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