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Micro-Business Insurance?

business woman with laptop and her baby girlDid you know if run a small home-based business that your homeowners or renters policy might not cover any business losses?

Whether you’re selling handmade crafts online, mowing lawns or operating a daycare center from home, you must protect your business against unpredictable events.
To help entrepreneurs understand their insurance needs and options, our good friends at Consumer Action have created three short, free videos that explain the basics of home-based business insurance.

The video series includes:

1. Home-based business insurance coverage. This video describes protections to look for in a policy geared to small, home-based businesses. It includes questions to ask when shopping for an insurance policy.

2. Home-based business insurance options. This video explains the various types of insurance coverage available for microbusinesses, from key person coverage to a comprehensive business owner’s policy, with details about the types of losses that would be eligible.

3. Insurance for businesses with employees. This video covers what kind of insurance home-based business owners must carry if they employ one or more workers. Workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance are discussed.

The videos can be found on Consumer Action’s YouTube page or Click here to view the series.

Also, the most recent issue of Consumer Action’s newsletter, Consumer Action News, focuses on the insurance needs of home-based microbusinesses. The issue, available for free on the Web, covers the subject in depth and also includes a business owner’s insurance checklist and tips on keeping company data secure. Click here to read the issue.

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