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Send money for free with Square Cash iPhone & Android App

Updated 11/15/2018Square Cash App

Square. Have you heard of it yet? By now, I’m sure you have. Square Inc. offers POS solutions for businesses with Android and iOS devices. But did you know you can use it like PayPal to send your friends money? You can send or request money via mobile phone or tablet with the Cash app installed.

I gave the app a test drive, and it is extremely easy and simple to use. All you have to do is download the app and request a free dollar to verify your debit card. No banking information needed, just simply enter your card information and you’ll receive one free dollar complements of Square. If you don’t have a credit card, you will need to apply for a credit card to use this app.

Once you verify your account and all your card information checks out, you’ll be able to request or send money to or from anyone with a cell phone number or email address. Once you request money from a friend, they will be notified by email or a text message to send you money. As far as I can tell, once the payment is made, it appears in your bank account the next day as a deposit titled “SQC* N SQC* CA“.

Not only is Square Cash extremely fast, it’s free to use. No Fees. No Cost.

Not only is this a great free service to send others money from your checking account via a debit card, but you can use it to transfer funds between your own accounts. This is only works if you have 2 mobile numbers; or one account is linked to a mobile number and the other is verified with FaceBook. You can also do this with a Google Voice mobile number and your own mobile number. Simply, register on Square two different accounts linked to different mobile numbers or Facebook accounts and add a debit card to each account. Then you can request funds from your other number or email address and the funds transfer between your account blazing fast!

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