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New SavingStar American Express Credit Card

New SavingStar American Express Credit CardSavingStar is a money saving website that brings deals to you and rewards you with money if you purchase an item through a specific store that is affiliated with them. It’s not an instant coupon but simply like a cash back offer. You can find deals on their website for stores in your area or you can choose to shop online. They launched the site in 2011 and the number of people now using it today is over 5 million. It’s a safe bet to say they are doing very well. They are doing so well that they have now teamed up with American Express to bring customers a brand new credit card.

They are proud to introduce the new SavingStar American Express Card that is provided by First Bankcard. First Bankcard is a division of the First National Bank of Omaha, and they are currently the top issuer of credit cards in America.

How Does It Work?

This credit card is like no other credit card available. Members of the SavingStar website already get great cash back offers every day and SavingStar decided to provide this unique credit card to their members as a way to provide even more savings.

When you use your SavingStar credit card you will receive the same benefits as you would by being a regular member. When you make an eligible purchase at your grocery store you can use your store loyalty card as you normally would and this will earn you instant savings, some stores work by receipt, simply take a picture of your receipt and send it to them on the SavingStar app. When you use the SavingStar credit card with these purchases you will earn your set cash back reward plus 10% cash back from using your SavingStar credit card. This also applies with online shopping. When shopping with an eligible retailer online you will receive your regular cash back rewards as a member. When you use your SavingStar credit card to make the purchase you will earn an additional 5% cash back with the card. The savings are wonderful and no other company offers anything like this.

What Cardholders Will Receive

There are so many benefits of being a SavingStar Cardholder, lets breakdown what you will receive with this card:

  • 10% cash back on all eligible SavingStar grocery purchases and also your regular SavingStar cash back rewards that you receive for being a regular member
  • 5% cash back on all eligible SavingStar cash back mall purchases
  • 1% cash back on every single item your purchase wherever American Express is accepted
  • No limits on your cash back offers, you will receive earning for every eligible purchase
  • No annual fees to pay
  • No rotating categories to worry about
  • For people who have no credit or are trying to rebuild their credit there is an offer for you as well. You can use the SavingStar Secured American Express credit card to help your credit score improve. It will require a $300-$5000 deposit for collateral, depending on what credit limit you need. If you only need $300, you will need to put this deposit down on the card. Your card usage will be reported to major credit bureaus to help improve your credit score.

    Once you have graduated to the unsecured card you will receive your deposit back and this can be achieved in as little as 11 months. You will still receive the same offers for cash back as the unsecured credit card.

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