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3 Words to Colleges – Get Mobile Now!

red 3 mediaAmerican colleges and universities might be frustrating international Millennials who use wireless devices to research for the right American school. They may also be losing big dollars if they are not plugged into and have a tip top modern website that is also mobile friendly.

Most of these of international Millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000) used a smartphone to search for and apply to U.S. colleges and universities while 26% had used a tablet.

Furthermore, these international students fund their own education, with 66% indicating “financial support from family and friends” as a first option, while “personal savings” was the second choice with 38% of the respondents.

The new survey, released at the World Education Services (WES) 40th Anniversary Forum, showed that of nearly 5,000 international Millennial students surveyed who seek to earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree, 91% selected the college/university website as their main source of information and organic web searching came in as the second most popular method with 71%.

The top fields of study by interest were Business/Management with 27% of the students, followed by 18% Engineering, and 13% Health Professions.

The top two reasons noted for studying in the U.S. were to expand career and life opportunities (79%) and that more quality higher education options were available outside of the respondents’ home countries (78%).

Overall, the largest numbers of survey participants were from China and India, countries which also represent the two main sources of international students now studying in the United States.

U.S. colleges and universities : Get Smart and Get Mobile.

Hey to any business of any size: Get Smart and Get Mobile.

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