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Discover It Chrome Card for Students

image-7308431-11435831Thanks to the people at Discover there is now a wonderful credit card option just for students and it has everything to fit their needs. Introducing the Discover It Chrome card for students, it has many wonderful features that are just right for college students. Let’s go into more detail about this card and why it’s the perfect option for you.

The Discover It Chrome card gives you 2% cash back on purchases at gas stations and restaurants, and also 1% cash back on all other purchases outside of these categories. It’s also the perfect option for online shopping and when you are a busy student you don’t have much time to go shopping in an actual store, so they understand that you need rewards for online shopping. Earn 5-20% cash back from over 200 online stores like Apple Store, Macy’s, and Best Buy.

There is also a special reward for when you shop at Amazon. You can choose from millions of item at Amazon and pay with the CashBack Bonus option. You can spend your cash back rewards during your checkout at Amazon instantly. As you can already see this card is shaping up to be the best credit card option for students that’s on the market.

As a cardmember also enjoy receiving your FICO credit score for free every month. Keeping up with your credit score has never been easier. Discover also closely monitors your card for safety, looking out for unusual purchases and if a charge appears that you didn’t do they will quickly solve the problem for you. There are also wonderful options for taking your Discover card with you on the go. You can make payments, get mobile text alerts, and even freeze your card if you need to do, all at the ease and accessibility with their mobile site.

Here is more of what you can expect to receive when choosing the Discover It Chrome card for students:

No annual fees
Paying late will not result in a higher APR
No late fee with your first late payment
No overlimit fee
No foreign transaction fee
100% U.S. based customer service all the time
$0 fraud liability
Accepted at over 9.2 million merchants
Pay your bill quickly and easily by phone or online

If you are a student and looking for the perfect credit card for your needs, don’t look any further. This card is the best credit card option for students that is available today.

Apply today for your Discover It Chrome Card for Students at

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