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Giving is About to Get a Whole Lot Easier with the Punch of a Button

444876Charitable donations requests are now being integrated at the cash register (point of sale), ATMs, online and on mobile devices. To accelerate adotpion of this amazing advancement a new educational platform has been launched offering on-going training mentoring and group coaching on the essentials of fundraising for founders, board members, staff, and volunteers.

Digital Donations (DD) has introduced the Digital Donations Learning Center.

Members have access to the Digital Donations suite of fundraising solutions. Qualified 501c3 organizations that participate in the program receive an in-kind donation pledge of $5,000 that covers the cost of webinars, hands-on workshops, group and individual coaching. The Pledge can also be used to reduce the cost of digital marketing services offered by Digital Donations that are needed to run a successful nonprofit.

The Company says anyone who has the passion for starting a nonprofit does so with the intent of doing good, but unfortunately the intention to do good doesn’t always come with the ability to run a nonprofit. The big surprise to many founders is that they need expertise and capital to develop the basic foundation to fulfill their mission, making it almost impossible to be noticed in the very crowded world of philanthropy.

There are over 1.5 million charities in the U.S., and a significant percentage of these lack the funding, expertise, and infrastructure to compete successfully. DD believes the Digital Donations Learning Center is the missing link for many organizations in the nonprofit industry.

Digital Donations develops and distributes creative and innovative fundraising technologies, and provides payment processing solutions that connect charities and foundations, with the consumer and corporate America. Through the process of integrating a donation request as part of a financial transaction, retailers, e-tailers and service providers have the ability to create a new or enhance their existing cause marketing program. The Digital Donations platform is available for integration to point of sale payment systems, ATMs, e-commerce, mobile commerce (MYGIV) and a crowdfunding platform (CROWDGIV).

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