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Free Personal Finance App Provides Holistic Peek at All Accounts

identity-account-list-4-7LifeLock has unveiled IDENTITY, a free mobile app that acts as a personal assistant to help manage online accounts. With just a few taps on a smartphone, IDENTITY empowers people to switch credit cards, update credit card information, and change an address to keep accounts up-to-date.

As consumers increasingly live their lives online, the number of services they use is exploding. In fact, a recent survey from an account password management company shows there are an average of 130 accounts tied to an email address.

Keeping all of these accounts up-to-date can be a headache. For many consumers, moving or getting a new credit card can also mean going through a tedious process of remembering which subscriptions are in use, retrieving long-forgotten passwords, and manually updating information.

Additionally, a failed recurring billing setup can land the consumer into trouble with merchants.

IDENTITY offers several key features and benefits:

• One central place for online accounts–IDENTITY offers a holistic look at accounts and services.

• Fast, easy, convenient updates–Consumers can change the credit card or physical address across accounts with the updater feature.

• Safe, private and secure–IDENTITY stores account credentials, credit cards and addresses locally on the device, not in the cloud or on a remote server.

The app now supports more than 50 popular online services and counting, ranging from frequent flier accounts and travel sites to major retailers, as well as other online accounts and subscriptions.
IDENTITY is available for download today for free from the Google Play store for Android and iTunes store for iOS.

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