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Put the Squeeze on Overspending w/New Personal Finance App

431838A very disruptive personal finance company based in Florida new app provides consumers with comparison pricing on recurring bills and allows them to track and categorize spending so that they can save money, reduce debt, and grow wealth.

The free Squeeze app will sync users’ online banking and credit cards, compile consumption habits, and evaluate pricing on recurring bills.

Because of their comparison pricing model, Squeeze has often been called the Expedia or Travelocity of the personal finance world.  Consumers can currently “squeeze” their mobile phone, internet, TV, and bundle plans in the Beta version to make sure they are getting the best deals.

Versions to come will include the ability to “squeeze” personal finances such as credit cards, car loans and mortgages as well as insurances such as life, health, auto, renter, and home.

Unlike other personal finance apps that are one dimensional, with Squeeze, you can track spending, categorize finances, and shop the best deals – all in one app.  Squeeze analyzes and tracks data in real-time so that consumers can be alerted if they are overspending, while other software tends to be more retroactive.

Squeeze is a FinTech start-up on a mission to help consumers save money, reduce debt and grow their wealth.  And, they are set out to disrupt the personal financial technology space with their innovative new price comparison app.

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