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Procrastinating Kiwis Desert Holiday eShopping & Head to Real Stores

Mastercard New Zealand’s annual research on Christmas shopping trends has revealed that for the third year in a row the majority (66%) of Kiwis plan to do most of their Christmas shopping through local retailers in store.  2tlrezi7bug-heidi-sandstrom

While most plan to shop at local retailers, each year more Kiwis are taking advantage of online shopping with one in five respondents planning to increase their use of online retailers to purchase Christmas gifts this year. Mastercard found two thirds of New Zealanders make regular online purchases, shopping online at least once a month.

Online shopping is increasing in popularity for general purchases, personal shopping, and for those who plan in advance, but for last-minute Christmas presents nothing beats the convenience of local stores to pick up presents.

Quality of goods, finding the best price, and convenience are the top three influencing factors on where Christmas gifts are purchased.

Getting the lowest price is consistently the top reason across all products to buy online, while convenience is the most common reason to shop in-store.

Books, movies and TV or music in any format are the most popular items to purchase online, and most (49%) said it depends what they are buying when it comes to choosing between local or international sites, with 34% saying they prefer to use local online sites to make purchases.

Top five gifts purchased in-store

1 Food, wine and spirits (86%)
2 Homewares (82%)
3 Sports and outdoor equipment (71%)
4 Clothing & accessories (70%)
5 Technology and electronics (67%)

Top five gifts purchased on New Zealand-based online sites

1 Vouchers for goods and services (44%)
2 Books, TV/movies or music (in any format) (33%)
3 Toys and games (27%)
4 Technology and electronics (20%)
5 Make up and fragrances (20%)

Top five gifts purchased on overseas online sites

1 Books, TV/movies or music (in any format) (20%)
2 Make up and fragrances (16%)
3 Clothing and accessories (13%)
4 Technology and electronics (11%)
5 Sports and outdoor equipment (10%)

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