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Despite Call Blocking Telephone Calls Still a Lucrative Tool for Scamsters

Believe it or not 89% of Americans receive nuisance calls each month and 13% of US adults have been a victim of a telephone scam. Of those who have been scammed, 48% said they had lost between $100 and $10,000 as a result with four per cent having lost more than $10,000. call-center-1015274__480

According to a survey commissioned by CPR Call Blocker, the top five nuisance calls received by US adults are:

1.Robocalls/automated messages (66%)

2. Credit card/loan arrangers (28%)

3. Charitable causes (23%)

4. Telephone/long distance call providers (11%)

5. Lottery/sweepstake providers (10%)

While not all calls are scams, the shocking statistics show that organizations making these unwanted calls are ignoring consumers’ requests to be removed from call lists as 60% claim to receive repeated calls from the same organization despite telling them to stop calling.

Almost a third (32%) of Americans are receiving 20 or more unwanted calls a month, with almost a fifth (18%) receiving 30 or more calls.

CPR Call Blocker is a device plugged into home phones and allows consumers to cut off unwanted calls as they come in and permanently block them from calling again.


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