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Web Spiders & Algorithms Fuel New 100% Unbiased Shopping Platform

A really cool money saving search engine has been is in the works for five years and now ready from prime time. Scan4Deal could become a top price comparison search engines designed to help shoppers save significantly on their online purchases. It is similar to Price Grabber and NexTag but Scan4Deal is the only independent comparison site.’s expansive savings-focused shopping platform offers the valuable online and offline bargains offered by thousands of reputable retailers, granting access to millions of shoppers each month to the best deals from over 2,200 prominent and trusted brands such as Whirlpool, Sony, Panasonic, Gucci, and Cartier.

Retailers will benefit from having their promotions and marketing efforts to encourage new and repeat customers to take advantage of their discounts, with Scan4Deal serving as a highly effective marketing vehicle.

Merchants can promote a variety of commonly purchased items such as microwaves, gaming consoles, televisions, computers and etc. on a platform that allows the customers to compare the prices and quality of the products in one single place.

Even though this service is vital to online global retailers, the platform was designed with the consumer in mind. Scan4Deal understands the hassle involved with searching for coupon codes online then comparing prices of items across multiple websites.

The platform is unbiased — showing all of the listing and pricing information without discrimination for or against any particular sites. This helps consumers feel at ease about making their own shopping decisions without feeling pressured or persuaded towards any particular retailer. Also, the platform is easy to navigate, with safety features such as New Technology Malware Scanning that regularly scans the database for issues, and encrypted SSL or Secure Socket Layer technology in order to protect credit card and other private and sensitive information. The website adheres to and remains compliant with Google’s Advertising Principles, California Online Privacy Protection Act regulations, Federal Trade Commission regulations, Principles of Fair Information Practices and CAN-SPAM Act laws.


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