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Cool New App Uses AI to Become the Champion of Your Money

A new super cool app uses data science and artificial intelligence to negotiate bills, cancel subscriptions and save you hundreds of dollars at the click of a button. 

Clarity Money, a revolutionary personal finance app that acts as your financial advocate.

In its beta-testing, Clarity Money users saved an average of $300 per year by identifying and eliminating wasteful spending. Clarity Money lets you manage your entire financial life in one app, going far beyond existing options. Notable actions that users can take within the app include:

• Cancel subscriptions: Too many people unknowingly pay for subscriptions they don’t use – Netflix, magazines, Spotify, etc. Clarity Money’s technology automatically identifies recurring payments and lets you cancel any account within the app.

• Personalized credit cards: Clarity Money uses a rules-based credit card engine to identify the right card for consumers. The app reviews users’ transactions and calculates which credit card is well-suited for a customer’s spending habits, resulting in maximum savings.

• Bill negotiation: Using data science, Clarity Money identifies bills that are negotiable. At the push of a button, users can activate negotiation and have their bills lowered for them.

• Create a savings account: Consumers know they need to save, but rarely save enough. Clarity Money takes the hassle out of creating a savings account.

Clarity Money is now available in Apple’s App Store.

The brains behind Clarity Money includes financial and technology veterans from Betterment, Google and IBM, as well as advisory board members Niall Ferguson, economic historian, and Dan Ariely, behavioral economist. Their efforts combine the latest technology with unbiased financial recommendations, empowering consumers to make better financial decisions.


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