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Goodbye Carjacking! Iris Scanning Coming to a Showroom Near You

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A rearview mirror scans the iris of the driver upon entering the vehicle and gets ready to drive. If authorized, the driver will be able to immediately start the vehicle while the vehicle automatically adjusts to personalized in-cabin experience settings in the form of adjusted seats and mirrors, pre-defined music favorites and GPS locations, etc. 

Besides stopping bad guys from jacking your ride, iris scanning technology will enable novel use cases in the cars of the future as driver identification will play a critical role in car sharing, in-car payment and the autonomous driving space.

Delta ID has collaborated with Gentex to bring iris scanning technology to automotive.

Gentex’s rearview mirrors will integrate Delta ID’s Active IRIS technology. Both companies believe the iris is the right modality for in-car biometric identification and authentication, and rearview mirrors are the right place to integrate iris. The integrated solution provides a high level of security along with convenience and reliability of use.

Delta ID’s ActiveIRIS technology combines its patented hardware design and advanced software algorithm to bring iris scanning and recognition to consumer devices that is fast and easy to use. Delta ID was the first company to bring iris scanning and recognition technology to smartphones in May 2015.

Since then the company has launched its ActiveIRIS technology in multiple devices from various OEMs, and maintains its leadership position in the industry with respect to speed, usability and reliability of iris scanning for mobile devices.

Your eyes are the safest and most reliable way to unlock and start your vehicle. Unlike fingers, the iris being a protected internal organ does not get wet or dirty, you don’t cover it with gloves. With Delta ID’s ActiveIRIS system, all the driver needs to do is look to unlock the vehicle and personalize the cabin settings as he or she gets ready for the ride. Additionally, the ActiveIRIS system can monitor the eyes and alarm the driver if and when the driver is drowsy or distracted.

Delta ID’s ActiveIRIS technology includes patented hardware design and software to enable iris recognition using simple hardware that can be easily integrated in mobile and PC devices.


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