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Be a Modern-Day Talisman – Charm Your Valentine with a Little Box of Rocks

While she may think your have rocks in your head or she wants a rock on her finger you might be able to strike middle ground with a new gift idea.

Instead of roses that die, or chocolates that kill waistlines, give her a Little Box of Rocks.

Founded by a Canuck rock star, the Little Box of Rocks e-shop focuses on offering a sense of mystique and luxury with their bouquets, which range from $35-$114 USD. Packaged in wooden excelsior filled gift-boxes and wrapped in black satin ribbon, each LBOR comes with four semi-precious crystals, a personalized letter to the recipient, a keepsake note card explaining the meaning of the stones, and a secret message written by the sender.

Founder Keira Fogg says “People are often so happy to receive our bouquets that they are brought to tears… and I don’t know, I think if a rock can do that, that’s nothing short of magical.”

Built upon an ancient tradition dating back to antiquity, each Little Box of Rocks bouquets acts as a modern-day talisman – a special gift meant to inspire spiritual wellness.


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