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3 Million Students Personal Finance Edumacated by Expert Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance has been taught in a third of high schools across the nation. To-date three million students are now trained for a lifetime of sound financial decisions by teaching the value of saving, spending and giving. 

Foundations in Personal Finance is a turnkey curriculum that meets standards and benchmarks in all 50 states as well as all national standards for financial literacy. The 12-chapter interactive curriculum includes video lessons taught by Ramsey and his team of experts, more than 100 activities, a blended learning site and a TestGen computerized test bank. It is available in a traditional print version and also in a digital format. A fully digital version will be available soon and will include bonus modules on global economics and entrepreneurship.

Foundations in Personal Finance can be used as a primary or supplemental resource to fulfill requirements in mathematics, economics, family consumer science, business mathematics and personal finance. Ramsey Solutions also offers curricula for middle schools and college-level programs.

Ramsey Solutions is committed to helping people take control of their money, build wealth, grow their leadership skills and enhance their lives through personal development. The company’s success is defined by the number of people whose lives are changed by its message of hope. Through a variety of mediums including live events, publishing, syndicated columns, personal finance curricula and two nationally syndicated radio shows, Ramsey Solutions uses commonsense education to empower people to win at life and money.

While serving as CEO of Ramsey Solutions, Dave Ramsey is also a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and seven-time best-selling author. Ramsey Solutions employs more than 575 team members who are focused on and dedicated to doing work that matters.


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