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Post Holiday Bills? Beat the Winter Blues by Going or Thinking Somewhere Truly Blue

Falling on the third Monday in January, statistically January 16th (or Blue Monday) is considered to be one of the most depressing days of the year with factors such as failing New Year’s resolutions, cold winter weather, low amounts of sunlight and post-Holiday credit card bills all culminating to generate a poor mental outlook for many by mid-January.

Royalton White Sands (CNW Group/Sunwing Vacations)

While a tropical escape may seem the obvious (if not always immediately achievable) antidote to the winter blues, according to a study conducted by Leger on behalf of Sunwing, it’s not necessary to actually travel to improve your mood; even just making travel plans on Blue Monday could be the perfect way to shed the post-Holiday blues.

According to the results, just knowing a vacation is coming up can be transformative. We were fascinated to learn that planning a future trip or reminiscing about a previous one can create the same feelings of positivity generated by actually traveling.

Sunwing discovered that 95% of Canadian vacationers agree just knowing that a vacation is upcoming brings them joy and 70% of vacationers agree they feel more motivated at work if they know they have a vacation to look forward to.

The survey also found that vacation planning and reminiscing about a previous trip are key drivers in creating a positive mindset:

• 72% of Canadians plan vacations at least a month in advance

• 25%of vacationers mentally begin their vacation at least a week before their trip

• 22% start mentally begin their vacation as soon as they book

• 50% agree they often think about their next vacation as soon as they return from their last

When they are combined, these positive feelings can be described as creating a ‘holiday halo effect’ that can last longer than the actual trip itself; on average around 20 hours or the equivalent of half a working week.


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