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Boink Offers Logo Ad Payments and Gifts Galore w/Virtual Currency

Boink live streaming, is a major video-based social network super streaming application with the capabilities to push billions of streaming users online all at the same time. It features a virtual currency which users can earn through Logo advertising while they are streaming. The streamer can also earn money through normal everyday activities or by simply displaying their talents online while streaming live.

The App expedites its users with real-time interaction where they can engage with their audience on live sessions. Users can have chats with their favorite broadcasters. They can follow interesting broadcasters and can receive notifications when they are broadcasting.

Features also includes;

Login: for users
Stream live videos
Add comments on live videos
Share live streams on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
Search new people with the same interests, hobbies, language country and personalities
Add followers and share all your spontaneous moments
Send graphic 3D & 2D gifts like, airplanes, race cars, teddy bears and magic wands
Redeem virtual gifts for real money or return as gifts
Add funny stickers while broadcasting
Add live filters and makeup effects to liven up any live stream.
Get real time notifications when being followed by people when they go live

When viewers are watching the live Broadcaster, they will be able to see special discounts by major advertisers that they can use, by simply pressing on the logo during the live Broadcast. The Broadcaster gets paid every time a new viewer looks at any advertising logo on the advertising carousal. When the viewer of a broadcaster presses on any logo on the advertising carousal they receive an offer, the viewer then can say yes or no to the offer and use it.

Once they press the logo the live streamer gets paid in virtual currency. If the Broadcaster is well liked or performing, the viewers by their own choice can also reward the online Broadcaster with virtual gifts or virtual currency that can be converted into real cash.

The virtual gifts earned online by the Broadcaster can be converted to cash at any time and then transferred to the Broadcaster’s Bonk live ATM CARD. The Broadcaster can then use there Bonk live debit and credit card to retrieve the cash they earned via any Automated Teller Machine or by using their bonk card as a credit card for goods and services.

Scheduled to be launched in January 2017, the new application includes video streaming, face to face live chat, Streaming chat, texting, recorded video, and email. The Bonk application is powered by Boink live streaming which also includes real time Advertising via logo, video, and advertising reads for VIP broadcasters who can during their broadcast play commercial video’s and or read live advertisements for major advertising firms while earning big money streaming online.

Bonk Users exchange “virtual gifts” and virtual coins as a kind of currency. Top users on the Bonk Live application will be able to earn as much as $100,000 per month being able to withdraw their money by simply going to their local ATM or by using it as a credit card.

The launch has been delayed due to multiple issues with third party app service subscription providers. Even though these suppliers delayed the process Boink live Streaming now have all the needed SDKs and APIs so that development can continue and finish.

The iOS and android build has most of the major functionality and has entered into the beta testing stage. There are a few items remaining to finish this part of the application.
The remaining work on the iOS application consists of the following items:

1.    Wowza Live streaming SDK integration
2.    3D Image integration
3.    2D Image integration
4.    Dynamic advertising icons and content integration
5.    Bonk Beam-In app user to user live chat feature
6.    Bonk Advertising Read Button(BAR)- VIP host to read 30 or 50 words live on air
7.    Bonk on Air Button(BOA)- VIP host a 1-3 minute live broadcast advertising commercial while streaming

The launch of the android application will follow the iOS application due to the fact that droid development time is generally 40% longer and the same delays have hindered this part of the project. To ensure a pleasant user experience, droid will also go through a stringent testing and code review process.

The Content Management and Advertising Portal will be built on top of the database created by the iOS developers. This will follow the iOS launch as well. Bonk live has hired several new application developers and application builders to complete the project before April 2017.


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