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January is the Worst Month for Baggage Blunders

A new analysis finds Virgin Airlines had the best baggage performance record overall, with Delta ranking at the top among major domestic carriers. The report also determined that September is the month least likely to experience luggage issues. 

RewardExpert, a free service that helps travelers fly for cheap using miles and points, examined the luggage-handling record of 13 U.S. domestic airlines, along with the best and worst months of the year for baggage blunders.

The service says beware of regional carrier Envoy Air. The carrier ranked dead last, with baggage complaints being nine times more likely for passengers flying Envoy Air than Virgin.

January falls at the bottom of the ranks as the worst month for baggage misfortunes. Actual numbers of complaints in winter and summer are highest and about equal per season.

RewardExpert says finding out that your bag is lost, damaged, or severely delayed can end up costing travelers hundreds of dollars – not to mention items that have great sentimental value and can’t be replaced. Knowing what you’re signing up for when you buy your ticket can help travelers avoid becoming a statistic.

RewardExpert analyzed Department of Transportation data from October 2013 – September 2016 to rank the 13 airlines based on reported numbers of baggage complaints compared to the number of passengers on board. The report additionally includes advice for travelers in case they find themselves dealing with baggage issues.


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