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New Clothing Store is for Try-Ons Only – Buy with Your Phone

Finer Fields’ physical store will “showroom” emerging fashion, design and lifestyle brands for home delivery. Dismissing storage of any sellable inventory, the storefront will only carry a brand’s sample product line for consumers to try in-store, and then buy on the Finer Fields’ mobile POS for online purchase for home delivery to give customers bag free days. 

Finer Fields provides brands, especially emerging brands, need for a physical presence for consumers to “try before they buy.”

Finer Fields’ first of a series of brick and mortar retail residencies of curated contemporary brands will run from March 30th through June15th.

How the In-store ordering experience works:

1.) Customer purchases an item in Finer Fields.

2.) A member of sales team scans each item to enter it into the checkout screen of the mobile POS.

3.) Salesperson confirms the order with customer.

4.) Customer’s credit card is charged and customer receives an automated email receipt from Finer Fields including order number.

5.) At the same time the order is placed, monies from the transaction is sent to the brand partner in real time.

6.) Brand receives an email with order number, customer info, and product information for drop ship.

7.) After brand has shipped the item(s), brand must log into Finer Fields system to note “shipped” along with tracking number and delivery service.

8.) Brand sends customer a confirmation email notification along with tracking number.
Finer Fields works with designers, artists, entrepreneurs and brands to create collaborative in-store retail residencies where virtually everything is available for purchase, which includes the store environs.

The store itself is an elevated experience for consumers through collaborations with artisans such as Andrea Claire Studio for lighting along with Aellon, Patrick Weder and Bellboy NY on store furnishings. Taking an eco-friendly and sustainable approach Aellon’s collection has been entirely handcrafted from a salvaged ship from the Indonesian Ocean.

Finer Fields’ experienced retail staff will articulate the selected brand’s background stories, and create seamless end-to-end transactions through an in-store sales rep for a refined shopping experience.

Physical stores are powerful marketing channels for brands. Finer Fields offers an experience that would be challenging to replicate online. Customers enjoy the experience of shopping in-store and interacting face-to-face with a salesperson in order to feel more comfortable with their purchase. Retail storefronts profit greatly because of the physical interactions with their customers. Personal interactions with friendly and knowledgeable sales staff are a key differentiator between the physical store experience and e-commerce.


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