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Financial Literacy Month Gets a Big Boost from a New Kiddie Money Guide

“Planet Zeee and the Money Tree, a new children’s book using a fun and futuristic storyline to teach money skills and concepts to kids ages 6-10 is ready for free download. The download also includes tips and resources to help parents talk to their kids about money. 

The new materials for families with children are an extension of Ally Financial’s Wallet Wise program, which provides financial education courses and tools to help consumers of all ages better manage their money.

A recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll, on behalf of Ally, found families may need more tools and resources to help educate their kids about money.  The survey found that while 83% of parents believe saving money is one of the most important money skills children should learn, and more than half (56%) think it’s important for them to learn to avoid impulse purchases, only a paltry 13% of parents said they regularly talk to their children about money and/or financial matters.

Survey results also revealed that 76% of parents said they would be interested in free resources to help them talk to their kids about money.

Ally’s “Planet Zeee and the Money Tree” was developed to help address these concerns, with a narrative that reinforces basic financial concepts. The book follows the story of three children from another planet that come down to Earth and are immediately perplexed about how money is earned and used.

The colorful characters meet children from Earth who explain this strange green paper, its value, and teach them more about how money is earned and why it’s important to save and give back.

Ally is taking a grassroots approach to introduce the book to families with children during Financial Literacy Month, mobilizing groups of employee volunteers and its network of auto dealer customers to read to kids. By helping organize local reading events at schools, libraries and businesses throughout the country, Ally plans to reach its goal of reading to 10,000 kids by the end of the month.


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