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Mastercard’s New Platinum Travel Card is the Bee’s Knees in the UK

Mastercard has launched a new platinum travel card enabling issuers to offer exclusive benefits and features to customers traveling abroad.

The card can store balances of multiple currencies, and exchange rates can be locked in before any trip for peace of mind.

Travelex just launched its version on the new Mastercard Platinum Travel Card in the U.K. offering cardholders the ability to up their card with a choice of 10 available currencies; GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD, ZAR, TRY, CHF, AED. Best off with the Travelex Mastercard British users can lock in exchange rates. 

Orders for collection at any Travelex UK store are subject to a maximum value of £4,999.99 per person per day whereas orders for home delivery are subject to a maximum value of £2,500 per person per day. Office delivery orders are capped at £500 per person per day.

Core benefits provided by Mastercard for any issuer of Platinum Travel Card include:

• Exclusive experiences and offers in cities around the world through Priceless Cities, only available to Mastercard holders

• Three months’ free Wi-Fi access globally through Boingo hotspots to help customers get online overseas

• Merchant offers and deals

• ATM finder and worldwide emergency cash service

• Transaction alerts when balance is low

• Easy top-up and balance enquiries online or via issuers’ mobile apps

Mastercard says prepaid travel cards are safer than carrying cash and take the worry out of going abroad. The control and peace of mind customers get with cards is unrivaled, but Mastercard wants to make sure they also benefit from the exclusive experiences and benefits that come with having a Mastercard. The added flexibility of multi-currency loading guarantees that travelling around different countries doesn’t mean fumbling with currencies and losing out on the best exchange rates.


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