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Credit/Loan Offers Rank #2 for Pain-in-the-Bum Unwanted Phone Calls

Almost nine out of ten Americans receive nuisance phone calls each month. Robocalls/automated messages ranked #1 with 66%; credit card/loan arrangers ranked #2 with 28%; charitable causes came in #3 with 23%; telephone/long distance call providers ranked #4 with 11%; and lottery/sweepstake providers at #5 with 10%. 

The YouGov survey commissioned by CPR Call Blocker, makers of a popular call blocking device in the US, also revealed that 13% of US adults have been a victim of a telephone scam. Of those who have been scammed, almost half (48%) said they had lost between $100 and $10,000 as a result with 4% having lost more than $10,000.

Almost a third of Americans are receiving 20 or more unwanted calls a month, with almost a fifth receiving 30 or more calls.

If you receive a robocall trying to sell you something (and you haven’t given the caller your written permission), it’s an illegal call. You should hang up. Then, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the National Do Not Call Registry.

The CPR Call Blocker device is plugged into home phones and allows consumers to cut off unwanted calls as they come in and permanently block them from calling again.

Their latest model, CPR Call Blocker Shield, is already pre-programmed to block 2,000 known nuisance callers and gives consumers the option to add a further 1,500.

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