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Alpha Keeper Money Belts Getting Bigger Than Their Britches

Building upon two years of pretty big success as an Amazon top seller, ETop Pick has launched its own online store for their flagship brand called, Alpha Keeper.

The new site, called, provides customers with fast and efficient shipping, as all orders are fulfilled by Amazon. It also offers exclusive promotions, such as a 5% discount if customers sign up for the VIP club and free shipping with orders over $29. 

In addition, the site is lively and features a helpful video demonstration of how to use the money belt. It’s also secure and easy to navigate. also has a blog that offers great traveling tips and suggestions.

The website launch comes at a perfect time because as temperatures are getting warmer, many people are making travel plans for road trips, weekend get-a-ways and family vacations.

RFID, which stands for radio frequency identification, is increasingly being used by unscrupulous individuals who prey on unsuspecting consumers. Today, passports, most credit cards and some drivers’ licenses now come embedded with radio frequency identification chips that use radio waves to communicate information.

Some hackers and thieves use an electronic form of pickpocketing called RFID skimming, in which a card is activated with an RFID reader. When activated with a reader, information is transmitted wirelessly, duplicating the card holder’s personal information. This action is undetected, making it easy for a hacker to verify the cardholder’s identity and make purchases without swiping the card.

The Alpha Keeper money belts encase cards and passports with 100%, RFID-blocking materials that interfere with radio waves.

The new online store also gives customers the option to order sets of RFID sleeves without purchasing a money belt. Each set comes with a sleeve to fit U.S. Passports and six RFID sleeves to store credit and debit cards.

The sleeves also help keep cards organized, so they are easier to access. Like with the money belts, the sleeves have 100%, RFID-blocking material to keep personal information protected.

The money belts and sleeves are affordable, comfortable, and made with water-resistant material. The belts, which come in stylish designs, feature high-quality zippers (YKK Zippers) and a long, elastic strap that can be adjusted to fit all body types.


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