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CN Bankruptcy Candidates Get a Boatload of New Resources

Canucks are getting a new bag of tools to help when the fall into the pit of debt despair. Bankruptcy Canada all kinds of new information and resources for Canadian debtors trapped in debt. 

The new resources include informative videos, easy to understand infographics, slideshare presentations on key bankruptcy and consumer proposal topics, quizzes for a debtor to test their financial knowledge and calculators for them to see their debt repayment options.

Debtors can find a local Trustee in their area simply by entering their city or postal code into the Find a Trustee locator at Bankruptcy Canada to schedule a free debt consultation.

There is also a confidential Ask a Trustee” feature, so debtors can ask a professional licensed insolvency trustee their questions from the privacy of their own home. Other people can also read this information and see the answers to other people’s questions.

Bankruptcy Canada also has a new, easier to navigate design so debtors can find the exact information they need quickly and easily.

Bankruptcy Canada uses a secure HTTPS connection so all debtor information is completely safe and confidential.

Bankruptcy Canada is the top Canadian consumer proposal & bankruptcy website and has been helping debtors solve their money problems since 1999. With over 300 offices in each province and territory in Canada, there is a Trustee available to provide a free debt evaluation to individuals, couples and businesses who need help to achieve a debt free life.


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