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Egyptian Mickey Dee’s Go Cashless – Mobile & Wave Payments Not Far Off

In Egypt the locals can now buy their MegaMacs, Double Big Tasty, Double McRoyale, Kofta Burger or Happy Meal Chicken MACDO without cash, thanks to Mastercard. 

Mastercard has empowered McDonald’s to provide simpler and faster payment options to all McDonald’s customers when buying their favorite meal in store, at the drive thru or when ordering it online.

This partnership deal will enable the introduction of innovative payment solutions across key markets in the Middle East and Africa.

The two new payment options meet consumers’ increasing needs for simpler, faster and secure payment solutions and give them a convenient alternative to cash. With Mastercard’s latest technologies, McDonald’s customers can pay for their purchases by simply using their cards at any of the 96 branches across Egypt.

Furthermore, Mastercard offers consumers a hassle-free way to make online payments through the world-class MPGS (Mastercard Payment Gateway System) where they can simply order their meal online and pay with their card on check out.

In Egypt, McDonald’s serves 70,000 customers daily.

In time, the collaboration will entail the use of other innovative payment solution such as mobile phones, QR code and contactless cards. The solutions are ideal for quick payment environments and enables customers to pay for their meals in a more convenient ways.


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