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4 Simple Ways to Avoid Pickpockets on Summer Vacation

Each year millions of travelers experience money or document loss that could be easily avoided.

AardvarkCompare, an online travel insurance referral service, offers four tips: 

1.Slim Down

The advice is to always pack light when traveling, particularly with regard to documentation. At home, many of us have wallets or purses bulging with cards, receipts, notes and coins. Don’t travel like this – slim down. A slim wallet, ideally kept in the front trouser pocket, will make loss much less likely.

2. Leave What You Can at Home

When on a trip just take the bare essentials – very little cash; one, maybe two credit cards, some form of ID; and a copy of any Travel Insurance that will help in the event of hospitalization – that’s it. Everything else should stay at home or in a hotel safe.

3. Lock Your Passport Away

As tempting as it is to always keep a passport with you when on vacation, it is generally not advisable to do so. It is such a precious document, and complicated to replace.
Loss of a passport can ruin a holiday.
If some form of ID is required, then use a driving license – normally much easier to replace than a passport, and not essential for return travel home. Many experienced travelers make a habit of carrying an out-of-date driving license, should a form of ID need to be given away temporarily when abroad.

4. Cash is Not Covered

A question that frequently arises – will my Trip Insurance help me if I lose money from my wallet or purse? Unfortunately, as far as Travel Insurers in the USA are concerned, generally the answer is no. To that end, it is probably wise to carry as little cash as is possible and rely upon credit cards. Travelers should check terms and conditions with their credit card issuer, but there are normally very strong protections in place in the event that a credit card is used fraudulently.

Also, Travel Insurers are a lot more supportive if there is a loss of a credit card.

Most will offer some form of monetary support for any costs that might be incurred with regard to stolen credit cards.


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