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Five Credit Union Credit Cards Kickin Big Issuer Ass

With the exception of major mainstream news media outlets, nine out of ten web sites offering credit card ”advice” also earn bounties on the cards they promote. As a result some of the best cards from smaller institutions like credit unions are overlooked.

Here is rundown of five top credit union credit cards worth consideration:

1. Inspirus Credit Union Visa Signature

Cardholders get 2% cashback on most purchases everywhere they shop. The 2% cashback rewards is paid out to cardholders twice yearly. 

The new card carries an APR as low as 9.50% and a maximum of 15.50%, there aren’t many cards that can top these rates. Annual percentage rate is determined based on an individual’s creditworthiness.

Individuals with lower-than-average credit scores can easily apply for an Inspirus Visa Signature card and earn cash-back rewards while working to re-build their credit. These perks and more are what sets this card apart from others in the industry.

Card Snapshot

• No annual fee
• No foreign transaction fees
• Free 24/7 concierge service
• Travel and emergency assistance
• Fraud prevention and protection
• Price-match protection
• Auto rental collision damage waiver
Cell phone protection, up to $250


2. PenFed Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card

Cardholders get 1.5% cashback on most purchases. Cardholders can boost the cashback to 2.0% by opening a checking account under the PenFed Honors Advantage program. 

Cash advances, credit card checks, and balance transfers are excluded from earning cash back rewards.

Accounts approved till June 30th will receive a $100 statement credit upon spending $1500 in purchase transactions within 3 months of account opening. Each account is eligible for 1 statement credit of $100.

The PenFed card carries a variable APR as low as 9.49% and a maximum of 17.79%, based on an individual’s creditworthiness.

There is no annual fee.


3. Navy Federal Credit Union Platinum Mastercard

This bare-bones credit card offers one of the lowest rates in the country at 8.74%. 

The pricing also includes no annual fee, no balance transfer fees and no foreign transaction fees. However, the cash APR is 2.0% higher.

Cardholders can earn points through the Member Mall.

Card also offers the core Mastercard benefits such as CDW insurance coverage and extended warranty.


4. Golden 1 Credit Union Platinum Visa

Cardholders get 3% cash rebates on gas, grocery, and restaurant purchases plus, 1% cash rebate on all other purchases. 

The card carries a variable APR as low as 7.79% and a maximum of 13.79%, based on an individual’s creditworthiness.

The interest rate applies to purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. Credit limits range from $2,000 to $50,000.

There is no annual fee or balance transfer fees.


5. SAFE Credit Union Platinum Rewards Visa

Cardholders earn one reward point, redeemable for travel and merchandise, with every $1 spent in net retail purchases. 

There is no foreign transaction fee and no annual fee. Also, no cash advance fee if the cash advance is taken at any SAFE ATM. Otherwise there is a 3% cash advance fee.

Credit limits may run up to $25,000.

The SAFE card carries a variable APR as low as 11.24% and a maximum of 17.24%, based on an individual’s creditworthiness.


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