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Credit Card Robocall Fee-Based Fraudsters Get Slammed

For four years an intertwined web of Orlando-based individuals and companies bombarded consumers with illegal robocalls from “Card Member Services,” pitching worthless credit card interest rate reduction programs.

Today, at the request of the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Office of the Attorney General, a federal district court judge has entered eight orders against the scamsters. 

The FTC alleges the scheme operated from 2011 until the court issued injunctions at the agencies’ request stopping the calls in mid-2015.

According to the FTC’s June 2015 complaint, filed jointly with the State of Florida, the defendants, doing business as Payless Solutions (now known as All Us Marketing LLC), illegally called thousands of consumers nationwide – including many seniors – claiming that their credit card interest rate reduction program would save consumers at least $2,500 in a short period of time and would enable them to pay off their debts more quickly. After convincing consumers to provide their credit card information, the defendants charged them between $300 and $4,999 up-front, but provided nothing in return.

The FTC and Florida AG alleged the defendants failed to provide consumers with the promised interest rate reductions or savings. Instead, some consumers received a package of financial education information they did not request or agree to pay for. In other cases, the defendants used consumers’ personal information to apply for new credit cards, presumably with low introductory interest rates, without their knowledge or consent.

Finally, the complaint charged the defendants with making many calls to consumers whose phone numbers are on the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry, along with several other violations of the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule and Florida’s Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Act.

In addition to imposing financial judgments, the orders permanently ban most of the defendants from robocalling, telemarketing, and providing debt relief services.


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