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The Frame TV Transforms to Gallery-Like Art Display —100% Stunning!!!

Starting June 18, consumers can purchase Samsung’s The Frame, a new lifestyle product that transforms from a television into a gallery-like art display. Designed in collaboration with renowned designer Yves Behar, The Frame is designed not only to provide a premium entertainment experience, but also to enhance the look of any home, just like a piece of artwork that you would hang on your wall. 

The Frame, a CES 2017 ‘Best of Innovations Award’ recipient, is a powerful combination of technology and design that was created with the modern user in mind. When powered on, The Frame offers 4K Ultra HD picture quality. When not displaying TV or movies, The Frame becomes a customizable work of art that can elegantly exhibit artwork and photographs via ‘Art Mode.’

The Frame is available in two sizes: a 65-inch model, priced at $2,799, and a 55-inch model, priced at $1,999. Optional bezels, including white, beige and walnut shades of real wood, for the 55-inch model are available for $199.99. Bezels for the 65-inch model are available for $249.99 allowing for further customizable options that complement a range of living spaces and personal styles.

As the standards for interior design shift, people want the look of their homes to reflect their broader lifestyle and personal tastes. Samsung is looking beyond the traditional black box and taking an artful approach to TV.

When you’re not watching TV, The Frame’s innovative Art Mode transforms the screen to display the owner’s choice of framed paintings and photographs. To satisfy almost any artistic preference, consumers will be able to choose from 100 professional works to exhibit via the ‘Samsung Collection.’

This is an exclusively curated library of artwork from 37 world-renowned artists and photographers. The works featured in the collection represent a range of genres, compositions and subjects, divided into 10 categories: Landscapes, Architecture, Wild Life, Drawing, Digital Art, Action, Still Life, Patterns, Urban Abstract and From Above.

Artists Represented in the Samsung Collection

• Wolf Ademeit, Germany
• Nacho Alegre, Spain
• ruby onyinyechi amanze, Nigeria
• Yann Arthus-Bertrand, France
• Laturbo Avedon, Virtual
• David Burdeny, Canada
• Tommy Clarke, England
• Cody Cobb, USA
• Holly Coulis, Canada
• Todd Eberle, USA
• Oskar Enander, Sweden
• Sam Falls, USA
• Fan Ho, Hong Kong
• Yun-Kyung Jeong, South Korea
• Jeff Johnson, USA
• Sarrita King, Australia
• Aaron Koblin and Ben Tricklebank, USA
• Bohnchang Koo, South Korea
• Luisa Lambri, Italy
• Sebastien Leon, France
• Barry McGee, USA
• Palani Mohan, India
• Chris Muir, Canada
• Eko Nugroho, Indonesia
• Anuar Patjane, Mexico
• J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra, Indonesia
• Scott Ramsay, South Africa
• Tobias Rehberger, Germany
• REMED, France
• Clare Rojas, USA
• Blaise Rosenthal, USA
• John Severson, USA
• Leanne Shapton, Canada
• David Benjamin Sherry, USA
• Yoshi Sodeoka, Japan
• David Wilson, USA

What’s more, owners of The Frame will also have access to Samsung’s ‘Art Store’, a growing library of more than 100 pieces of established and emerging artists, curated by several international organizations, galleries and museums, including Artspace, LUMAS, Magnum Photos, Saatchi Art and Sedition.

There they can purchase an individual piece for $19.99 or subscribe to the full collection for $4.99 per month. The Art Store will be regularly updated to incorporate work from more galleries, museums, and artists around the world, allowing Frame owners to build up their collection and show off more of their unique and eclectic styles.

Finally, owners can save and upload their favorite personal art work or photographs to The Frame using “My Collection,” which allows them to store their favorite content away for easy access to display whenever they choose.

The Frame allows simple customization of the television so that it blends into any living space. With interchangeable bezels, owners of The Frame can choose from several different colors and materials to personalize the look of their TV. As a Frame owner’s style evolves and home décor changes, so can the look of their television.

Outfitted with Samsung’s new Invisible Connection cable and No Gap Wall Mount, The Frame can be displayed almost anywhere in the house, even within a gallery wall or over a fireplace mantel. In addition to simplifying the process of hanging and adjusting the TV, the No Gap Wall Mount brings The Frame flush against the wall, looking just like a real picture frame. The Invisible Connection eliminates any messy cables or wires with one single, transparent optical cable to connect The Frame to external devices.

For those who do not wish to mount their TV onto the wall, The Frame is compatible with Samsung’s stylish Studio Stand. Designed like an artist’s easel, the Studio Stand is an ideal accompaniment for any contemporary living space.

Additionally, a brightness sensor and motion sensor can automatically switch The Frame’s various modes. The brightness sensor seamlessly adjusts to ambient lighting so that The Frame truly blends into a user’s space. It also adjusts brightness and color temperature so that artwork displayed on The Frame always looks natural, even in changing lighting conditions. In order to conserve energy, the motion sensor recognizes when someone enters or exits the room and can put The Frame into a power-saving mode when no one is present. It can then automatically switch The Frame back on when someone re-enters the space.


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