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Apple & Android & Samsung Pay Finally Comes to Commercial Cards

PNC Bank is taking its new mobile payment option to a new level, enabling Visa commercial cardholders to use a smartphone or mobile device to make corporate purchases via Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.

PNC is one of the first U.S. banks to enable mobile wallet payments for commercial cards that may be used to make travel-related and in-store purchases.

In addition to convenience, PNC’s mobile payment option includes multiple security features:

• Commercial card numbers are not stored on the mobile device; a unique “virtual” account number is created by the app for each transaction (Visa Token Service).

• Account numbers are never shared with the merchant.

• Cardholders are authenticated through a two-step identification and verification process when adding their commercial card.

• Transactions monitored by the same PNC security & privacy that protects a physical PNC commercial card.

It’s easy to add a PNC commercial card to Samsung Pay. Simply open the Samsung Pay app on an eligible device. To get started:

• You should contact your company’s program administrator to ensure your cardholder account profile is updated with your mobile device number.

• Once your account profile is updated, you can begin the enrollment process.

• To add your commercial card, either enter the required card information manually or hold the eligible device over the card and use the device camera to capture it automatically. Validation of the card information will be completed before it is ready to use.

• With Samsung Pay, making a purchase is as easy as pulling out your device. Just swipe up on the screen and authorize the payment using your fingerprint. To pay, hover the device close to the terminal where you’d usually swipe or tap the card.

• A confirmation message on the payment terminal will let you know the purchase was successful, so you can breeze through checkout lines without ever pulling out your wallet.





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