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New Stylish RFID Blocking Wallet in Development – Angels Needed

In these days of electronic eavesdropping, carrying around a bunch of credit cards with contactless features (RFID) can make you vulnerable to fraud. The solution is simple: a quick-access wallet made from carbon fiber materials. 

A startup company is launching a line of stylish Carbon Fiber Wallets with RFID blocking, this fall.

You can play a part in their launch by making a small pledge or placing an advance order. The PITAKA New Carbon Fiber Wallet KickStarter campaign is underway.

PITAKA has years of experience working with carbon fiber and composite materials for major phone companies and brings that particular expertise to this new project. Their latest product, the PITAKA New Carbon Fiber Wallet is modular, magnetic strip friendly, features RFID blocking and securely protects daily essentials in a gorgeous, quick access wallet with unparalleled style and security.

The PITAKA New Wallet is made of 100% carbon fiber material to achieve the slimmest, strongest and most versatile wallet available today. One glance and it’s apparent that this is no ordinary wallet. The tell-tale carbon fiber surface looks and feels great and presents a modern style that is totally unique for a wallet. The design features 6 special modules that can safely hold up to 10 credit cards plus daily essentials such as cash, coins, memory cards, keys and more.

Designed to be functional as well as good-looking, the PITAKA New incorporates smart modern tech that makes all other wallets obsolete. Each of the PITAKA’s unique modules is connected using powerful magnets which contribute to the wallet’s ultra-slim size. Using magnet closures allows the wallet to remain secure, yet able to open with a quick flick for fast access to cards, cash or other items.

Users can mix and match the modules depending on their needs to create a customized wallet. The box module is perfect for coins and memory cards, a money clip module handles bills, and a tool module can open a bottle or solve life’s little problems.

Of particular note is the RFID blocking and the anti-degaussing module, two essential security features that help prevent theft and card damage. The RFID blocking feature keeps credit cards, drivers licenses and other cards safe from RFID skimming, a form of theft that allows criminals to steal information. The anti-degaussing module further protects the magnetic stripe on cards by blocking damaging interference.


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