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Millennials Champing-at-the-Bit to Lasso a Home – Credit Scores Suck

Millennials want a home base, one-third of them planning to purchase a home within the next four to five years, but their ambition rests on their credit scores (pain-in-the-ass) and working to improve their credit health overall. 

The Chase Slate 2017 Credit Outlook found millennials (39%) check their credit scores every month; that’s more than Gen Xers (31%) and Boomers (28%); six out of ten of those who want to improve their credit have a plan of action; and 33% say they plan to buy a home in the next four to five years, while nearly one-quarter (24%) plan to purchase within the next three years.

Chase released the survey to promote the Chase Slate credit card which is very impressive.

The card is heavily promoted by websites like and its affiliates as the “best” card, wherein they earn a $45 commission per approved account, paid by Chase.

CardTrak says the Chase card is a “middling” and credit unions beat the pants off the Chase Offer.

CardTrak receives no commissions for any card endorsed.

Through the Chase Slate Credit Dashboard, cardmembers receive access to their FICO Score, the top positive and negative factors impacting it and tips for improving their credit health overtime for free every month.


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