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8 Reasons Why the Discover Card is Kickin Butt on All Fronts

The Discover card has surpassed American Express as the nation’s fifth largest credit card issuer and is now the second fastest growing U.S. issuer, among the top six U.S. issuers, according to analysis by RAM Research. 

What is the driving force?

For the fourth time in five years, Discover ranked highest for credit card customer satisfaction among U.S. credit card companies by J.D. Power. Discover received a total of 836 points out of a possible 1,000 points. Power says Discover outpaced the industry average by 35 points.

What is Discover’s secret?

Discover’s 8 Best Features:

1. SERVICE – 24/7 live, U.S.-based customer service by phone, online and via in-app messaging.

2. ALERTS – First major credit card to provide its cardmembers with the ability to activate Social Security number alerts and new account alerts for free.

3. NO ANNUAL FEE – Only major credit card issuer that offers a full suite of cards, all with no annual fee, including cash back, travel and student cards.

4. Cashback Match™ – only Discover automatically matches all the cash back new cardmembers earn at the end of their first year.

5. FICO® Credit Scores for free on monthly statements and online through Credit Scorecard.

6. PROTECTION – $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee – Cardmembers are never responsible for unauthorized purchases on their Discover card.

7. REDEMPTION – Ability to redeem rewards for cash in any amount and at any time; plus, cashback never expires.

8. Freeze it® – An on/off switch that enables cardmembers to freeze their account in seconds using the Discover mobile app or website if they misplace their card to prevent new purchases, cash advances and balance transfers.

Discover Details 

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