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Cool Mobile Pay App Instantly Transfers $$$ to Your Peeps & Earns Crypto Rewards for You

Imagine earning investment crypto rewards, up to 5%, just for sending money via a phone number to friends, family and businesses (P2P or Peer-to-Peer). The cryptocurrency earned will soon be able to integrate with Crumbs, allowing users to turn their spare change into micro investments, like the popular app Acorns, but with cryptocurrency.

The brand-spanking new Metal Pay is like a next-generation Venmo or Paypal but with rewards. Called “Pop,” the rewards are delivered in Metal’s cryptocurrency MTL and can be immediately converted into dollars, sent to another Metal Pay user or held as an investment. Metal’s simplified payment system builds on the revolutionary ideas behind Bitcoin, but also rewards the people who use and grow the platform with monetary incentives.

Here’s The Inside Scoop on Metal Pay

• Sign up is incredibly simple: just link a bank account to the app, quickly verify identity and phone number, and then begin sending money to people. Payments typically decline or accept in under one minute.

• Begin earning MTL for every dollar sent or received, for up to five percent of the value of the transactions — just for doing the things people do every day, like shopping, paying rent or getting dinner with friends.

• There is a game-like element to Metal Pay, where the amount earned is determined by how well someone plays the game. The rules are based on rewarding good financial behavior: the more someone saves, for example, the more they can earn; the more fiscally responsible they are, the more they can earn.

• Metal Pay is the first cryptocurrency platform that combines traditional bank accounts and a cryptocurrency wallet into one application. The account will eventually have retail banking features such as a debit card and the ability to link credit cards.

Metal Pay is Legit – Check its Creds

Metal was founded in 2016 by Marshall Hayner, who previously co-founded Quickcoin and helped build Stellar, Dogecoin and, and Glenn Marien, who previously developed back-end systems for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company has raised $3 million from G2 Ventures, Gateway and Erik Voorhees (CEO of Shapeshift), among others. Vinny Lingham (co-founder of Civic) and Bram Cohen (creator of BitTorrent) are advisors.

Marshall Hayner is CEO and co-founder of Metal, a payments processing platform that pays people cryptocurrency for making transactions on the blockchain. Marshall believes that Metal can change the way the world views money. Not only did Marshall start the first Facebook-integrated Bitcoin wallet called QuickCoin in 2014, but he has worked on numerous digital currency projects including Dogecoin, Stellar,, ChangeTip and the Bitcoin Fair. Marshall is an advocate for social good and has started the Metal Foundation to promote social causes through cryptocurrency.