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Brex Corporate Card Adds New Perk with High Limits

Brex, the first corporate card for startups, has added a rewards program. Picture of Brex Commercial Credit Card

The same way Brex caters to startups, the company has rebuilt the credit card rewards system to offer startups the most valuable program in the marketplace, with points earned for and points back for services and products these young businesses use regularly to fuel growth.

Brex has been analyzing its customer spend over the past year and used this data to build a rewards program designed to give customers unparalleled benefits for their businesses.

Brex Rewards Overview

A typical Brex customer will earn at least 20% more rewards on Brex relative to any competitor program and 100% more relative to many popular small business credit cards.

Brex Signup Bonuses

By forming partnerships with product and service providers that offer discounts and promotions specifically to Brex cardholders, Brex has signup bonuses totaling over $25,000 in discounts for its customers. Offers today include Amazon Web Services, WeWork, Instacart and Salesforce among others, with more to be announced in the near future.

Brex Rewards Details

With Brex rewards, startups will earn one point per dollar spent with no cap on rewards earned, plus points multipliers on services essential to their work life: including 7x on rideshare, 3x on travel and dining and 2x on recurring software/SaaS. Brex customers began accruing rewards points in early October 2018 and will be able to redeem them starting today.

For startups, Brex delivers corporate cards quickly, easily, and with higher limits than traditional corporate cards, instantly and with no personal guarantee.Get approved in minutes.

Simply provide information about your company and link your corporate bank account. No personal liability, credit checks, or security deposits needed.Once approved you’ll immediately have access to a virtual card. Virtual cards are perfect for online transactions and subscriptions since they can never be lost. Your physical card will be delivered in 3-5 business days.

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