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Rocket Piggy Offers Financial Literacy for Kiddies 4+

Rocket Piggy, an innovative financial literacy fun tool for kids, is getting ready for prime time. Rocket Piggy iPhone with App

The new gadget and app for kids makes learning about money fun. The 2-way smart toy and smartphone app allows children to start learning and practicing smart money habits at an early age.

Rocket Piggy is a two-part system for parents and children which allows kids to learn and practice smart money habits. The Piggy is a smart screen tool where kids can play games, mark chores, receive allowance and watch their savings grow toward their targets.

Rocket Piggy App

The smartphone app for parents is where they can set up their kids, get daily notifications, monitor progress, approve chores and pay allowance. The chores features allows parents to set up chores for their children while kids can check them off as complete once done. Special one-time jobs can also be added which are more difficult tasks but allow children to earn additional money bonuses. Allowance can also be distributed, spending can be tracked, and saving goals and milestone can all be achieved with Rocket Piggy. In addition, more than 50 fun games are included all designed to teach basic financial literacy skills to children ages 4 and up.

Rocket Piggy says when kids understand the concept of responsibility, consequences, and the difference between wanting and needing, that’s the time to start. Usually around four or five years of age.

Other Rocket Piggy Features

Quick Spend

This feature lets you make quick withdrawals from your child’s Spend Bucket. It’s a great way to keep track of small purchases. More importantly, it helps your child become a smart spender.


Saving up for something special can give kids extra motivation. Choose the goal and allocate allowance money to the Goal bucket. Rocket Piggy keeps track of the progress for you.

Money Buckets

Give your child early exposure to good money habits. Put your child’s allowance into Save, Spend, Share, and Goal buckets to teach them about short term savings, long term savings, and budgeting.


We send notifications to help you stay on top of daily activities. They help you keep track of allowance, approve chores, monitor your child’s progress on the games and so on.


There’s no “real” money in Rocket Piggy. It’s easier to use IOUs (I owe you) instead. Once your child has saved up, simply clear Piggy balance and make a real deposit into your child’s bank account.

Rocket Piggy app available now, Piggy available Dec 10, 2018