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Quicken World Mastercard to Hit Main Street Lots of Bells & Whistles

Quicken World Mastercard to Hit Main Street Lots of Bells & Whistles

Quicken World Mastercard is about to hit prime time with perks and features galore. The brand spanking new credit card empowers cardholders to precisely manage their finances with real-time updates in the Quicken mobile app to continuously monitor progress towards their financial goals.

The new credit card offers integration with Quicken desktop keeping your finances up-to-date whether at home or on the road. The card will also be enabled for contactless payments, wherever the universal contactless symbol is displayed. Quicken World Mastercard


A 2018 survey of Quicken users revealed that nearly 70% of monthly expenses were paid for by credit card, and that groceries and restaurant spending make up 50% of that total spend.

Key Features

Key Features of Quicken World Mastercard

• Earn 2X1 points on qualified net spending on purchases you already make, like groceries, dining out, utilities, cell phone service, cable, internet, club memberships, and even your Quicken software subscription

• Free Quicken Deluxe Subscription: Spend $500 in the first 90 days and receive one year of Quicken Deluxe. If you are already a subscriber, you will receive a one-year extension

• No monthly or annual fees

• Mastercard features like Boingo Wi-Fi, Cellular Protection Plan, Rideshare Insurance for lost items, and Concierge Service

• Zero Fraud Liability

• Contactless Payment

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Quicken is the best-selling personal finance software in the US. It has been expanded to include Quicken on the Web and the Quicken Mobile App for iOS and Android so customers can manage their finances anytime, anywhere.