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Insurance Fraud a Clear, Costly and Present Danger for Everyone

Insurance fraud is an $80-billion crime annually and growing each year, according to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud. If you have any thoughts about burning down your house or business to collect insurance money simply review these real-life, chilling examples: Insurance Fraud a Big Problem

Insurance Fraud Rap Sheet

Driven to steal. A vast fraud ring run by Felix Filenger stole fully $23 million for bogus whiplash injury claims from real and setup car crashes in South Florida.   Got 6+ Yrs

Bribes for blood. The largest doctor bribery scheme in U.S. history saw chiropractor David Nicoll stealing more than $100 million. He bribed at least 38 corrupt doctors for false testing of blood samples in Parsippany, N.J.    Got 6 Yrs

Toddler killer. Erica White poisoned her blind and deaf toddler Tyrael McFall to death for $50,000 of life insurance in the Atlanta area.    White Got Life Without Parole Plus 83 Yrs. Schullerman Got 20 Yrs.

Maladjusted adjuster. Public adjuster Jorge Fausto Espinosa burned and flooded dozens of homes for $14 million of inflated claims in South Florida. Damage was rigged to look like electrical problems, kitchen accidents and faulty water lines.     Got 20 Yrs

Home arsonist floored. Fire fighter Patrick Wolterman died when he fell through a seared floor while combating an insurance arson set by Billy Lester Parker and Billy Tucker in Hamilton, Ohio.    Both Got life without parole

Pain for profit. Homeless people were inflicted with painful and unneeded spinal injections. Detroit-area streets also were flooded with more than 4 million painkillers in a $300-million Medicare plot by Dr. Mishiyat Rashid.    Awaiting Sentencing in April.

Unsober sober homes. Yury Baumblit ran unsafe flophouses that housed homeless people and addicts in the New York City area. He pushed many into unneeded drug rehab, forced some to take drugs, and evicted anyone who didn’t cooperate.     Got 5 Yrs

Money addiction. Kirsten Wallace co-owned a corrupt sober home that stole the identities of addicts to overbill insurers in a $175-million insurance crime. It was one of the largest health-insurance plots in California history.    Got 11 Yrs

Holiday Scams

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud offered advice on holiday insurance scams:

Robocalls. Hang up on healthcare robocalls selling bogus “Trumpcare,” “Obamacare” and suspiciously low-priced health plans.

Stolen medical identity. Avoid medical identity theft … protect your sensitive medical information — and good credit.

Contractor scams. Steer clear of shady home contractors who steal your downpayment, do bogus repairs and overbill your insurance.

Senior scams. Seniors are regular targets of scams such as: bogus Medicare cards … expensive and unneeded wheelchairs … unwanted braces.

8 Ways to Protect Elders From Scams, Fraud & Financial Abuse