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Identity Theft is a Gargantuan Pain-in-the-Tookus for U.S. Consumers

Identity theft is the biggest pain-in-the-tookus for Americans, affecting more than 500,000 per year. Unlike hacking your computer, cell phone or other devices, identity theft is usually low-tech committed by unsophisticated slime balls.

Identity Theft Sweeps America

Slimeball Methods

Consider the late night dumpster diver in search of bills, bank mail, and other documents containing personal information and, if lucky, a free meal. These low lifes will also monitor a mailbox for pre-approved loan and credit card offers or correspondence from a financial, insurance or medical business.

Slightly more sophisticated scammers will send out suspicious emails or phishing scams to trick victims into revealing account numbers, passwords or other sensitive personal information.

Heartless Low Lifes

Senior Americans are targeted more and more over the past few years by these heartless fraudsters.

The smart crooks will hijack your computer and devices, downloading malware and/or launching a ransomware attack.

Most of these are identity thefts can be prevented by shredding bills, signing up for the U.S.P.S. “Informed Delivery” service, or changing mail delivery to a locked box like a P.O. Box. Also, installing/subscribing to antivirus software from a major provider such as Norton, McAfee, etc.

However, credit card breaches or hacking information from a company you do business with is beyond your control. Even major credit bureaus, like Equifax, are not immune from having consumers personal information compromised.

Besides individual consumers, credit card fraud has created a major loss for payment companies.

Handling this Pain-in-the-Tookus?

  1. Contact Local Police to File a Fraud Report
  2. Contact Major Credit Bureaus to Have a Fraud Alert Placed on Your Account
  3. Contact Credit or Debit Card Issuers to Cancel Cards
  4. Contact Banks and All Financial Institutions
  5. Contact All Insurance Companies
  6. Contact All Government Agencies Including IRS, Social Security
  7. Contact the Federal Trade Commission to File a Report & Establish a Recovery Plan