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100 Grand Visa Card: The Real Mother of Pearl

A 100 grand Visa card remains available to residents of Kazakhstan for a cruise shipload carrying tons of Tenge.

100 Grand Visa Infinite Card

Sberbank-Kazakhstan issues the limited edition Visa Infinite Exclusive Card, made with pure gold, 26 diamonds (totaling 0.17 carats), and inlaid mother of pearl.

The exclusive Visa gold card costs US$100,000 to obtain. About US$65,000 goes into minting the card itself (customers will receive a plastic version as well), and the remaining US$35,000 will remain in the user’s account.

After the first year it will also carry a US$2,000 a year fee. But for all that, cardholders can expect top tier perks, including life and health insurance worth over US$250,000, lounge access at airports, concierge service, discounts at hotels and restaurants, car hire, and more.

The bank will also provide cardholders a free iPhone and a Montblanc card case.

The bank has issued less than 100 of the exclusive gold cards.

Palladium Card

Other banks have launched very, very high end cards such as the JP Morgan Chase Palladium Card with an annual fee of only $595. The laser engraved card was minted out of solid metal and plated with palladium.

Perks include complimentary access to a fleet of private jets, a concierge, while its ‘Ultimate Rewards program’ allows to two points per dollar spent on travel, along with a of 35,000 additional points for clients who spend $100,000 annually.

Solitaire Diamond Card

Dubai’s Royale Card is the region’s first diamond-embedded World MasterCard, and is available by invitation only. Set on a black background is a white .235-carat solitaire diamond, two of the card’s edges are also trimmed with gold.

In effort to decide if an elite card is for you, CardTrak reminds you whatever metal or other precious substance the cards are made from or named after, they all have one thing in common: all are payment tools. It would be a waste of money to pay for extras that don’t fit your lifestyle but if you do the research it’s possible to come out ahead & maximize the benefits.

Former President Obama’s favorite credit card is/was the J.P. Morgan Palladium Card issued by Chase.