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Robert McKinley Resurrects Professor Cardworthy

Robert McKinley Professor Cardworthy

Professor Cardworthy, the “Money Explainer” of all things financial, was resurrected by Senior Payments Analyst Robert McKinley, reprising his role first developed in 2007 as the actor in a series of 50 “Cardworthy” YouTube consumer instructional videos.

The 2007 project was shelved while Mr. McKinley was in a cancer battle and later placed on hold following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the impact of the “Great Recession,” and the unexpected loss of his wife of 36 years, wherein he began a 10-year sabbatical in 2009.

The 2020 series has expanded to also include a blog and podcast. The blog “Professor Cardworthy’ Corner” is found on The “Professor Cardworthy Money Explainer” podcast is currently running on Spotify, Stitcher, Buzzsprout and will be available on Google, Apple and iHeart podcast networks within the next week. The videos appear on the “Professor Cardworthy” YouTube channel.

The Professor Cardworthy content format includes personal experiences, financial knowledge/advice, coupled with wisdom and a dose of humor. While the first four blog posts, podcast and videos are lengthy they are intended to reacquaint the public with the character. Going forward the blog posts will run about 1500 words, podcasts about 20-30 mins and videos between 5 and 10 minutes.

Robert McKinley, as Professor Cardworthy, is unprecedented as a balancing act between consumers and financial institutions. Some of the major changes in wallets today sprung from his consumer advocacy side, working with legislators, lobbyists and documentary makers. At the same time he provided subscriptions and consulting services to financial services firms, including testifying as a key witness in the largest antitrust trials, all watershed moments.  There is no company in the payments business, or any industry, successfully able to pull off the same model.

The first three blogpodtube episodes: “Overdrawn Billionaire,” “Budget Buster Late Fees,” and “Discover Visa Squashed” reflect his ability to share meaningful information to both financial institutions and consumers.

During the sabbatical, McKinley wrote two books, was hired for special research projects on credit card historical pricing, ride-sharing services, legal cannabis payment services and the sub-prime credit card market. Additionally, he performed volunteer work as a SCORE mentor for small business and volunteered at hospitals, medical facilities, and personally assisted the disabled. He is also an active supporter of

Since returning about 18 months ago Mr. McKinley created  (daily breaking news service); CardBuzz (daily published news service); PYVNTS (payment events directory); PYRPTS (payment reports directory); Ruebud Media  (multi-media production service); and Robear’s List or (fintech process concept). He also resurrected the RAM Research website ( for market research and consulting services. 

McKinley also resumed serving as a pro bono senior analyst for CardWeb which includes CardFlash (payments industry news/information); CardTrak  (personal finance news/information) and CardData  (payments performance reports and analysis).

The GoFundMe campaign is “Help Professor Cardworthy Live

Professor Cardworthy details are available at and Robert McKinley’s bio can be found at or

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